Release Notes
Key information on new features and improvements in each version of Sitepass.
1.5.0 Dashboard Redesign, My Tasks, Change Role, Group Invite, and Training enhancements A new dynamic Dashboard, a task list, role changing capacity, bulk inviting, and training improvements are here!

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1.4.0 Export, Disconnect, and Dark theme You can now disconnect a team member, invite a disconnected team member to reconnect, export page data to a CSV file, and switch your Sitepass theme to dark mode.

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1.3.0 Introducing visitor management, improved pricing, and custom workflows We are thrilled to announce the latest product update for Sitepass. This release includes the launch of our Sitepass Visitor Management System (VMS), allowing you to monitor the access of contractors, employees and visitors across all your locations. The ability to create custom roles and workflows so you can onboard, train and verify everyone you employ, and with feedback from our customers, we have introduced changes to Sitepass pricing, providing free access to contractors, including free use of the visitor management system, and making it easier to budget as your workforce grows.

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1.2.0 Onboarding and delivery improvements In this release, we’ve focused on improving your onboarding experience, how you connect to your clients, your ability to browse an image library when creating courses, and enabling businesses to choose between five currencies for billing purposes.

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1.1.0 Improvements to supplier-client connections We’ve been working on ways to improve supplier-client connections; as such, we are excited to announce the availability of our Workflow Wizard and Disconnect features.

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1.0.0 Sitepass has launched! We are proud to announce the official release of Sitepass; a single platform to manage the risk, compliance, and safety of your workforce.

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beta Sitepass (beta) has launched We are proud to announce the early beta release of the all-new Sitepass; a single platform to manage the risk, compliance, and safety of your workforce.

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